Quick Start Guide to Stravaganza

Tons of different cards games and table games are out there in the online casino world, and many of these games have similar sets of rules or general ideas about how to play without necessarily being the exact same. Stravaganza is a good example of a game that fits into a lot of the ideas that players have about table poker and blackjack without necessarily fitting into the actual mold for either game. Get in on the action with this game learning the rules and the best strategies for trying to win.

This game starts off you making a bet and receiving two cards face up. The dealer is given three cards face down. Your total is decided like in blackjack with two exceptions. First, aces always count as one. Second, there is no such thing is going “too high” because you can’t bust in this game, even though it’s the highest total that will win between yourself and the dealer.

If your initial two cards give you a score of five or less, then you have the option to get your bet returned to you and start a new game. You should always exercise this option. With totals ranging from six to nine, you can use the rescue option which basically means you take back half of your bet and start a new hand, and it’s much like surrendering in blackjack in this regard. Finally, playing with totals of ten and higher gives you two options for playing your hand.

One option is to stand pat and hope that you have a higher total than the dealer’s three cards. The second option is “play on,” and that involves doubling your bet and receiving an additional card to bump up your total. The trick here is that you can get certain bonus payouts if you play on. Picking up three face cards pays 1.5:1, and if they’re of the same rank, that payout doubles to 3:1.

Strategy in this game is simple. Always take back your bet with totals of five or less, and always take the escape option with totals from six to nine. If you have a total of 10 to 14, then you should always stand. However, totals of 15 and higher should double. It’s that easy to play this game well, so you should add it to the list of titles you’re comfortable with …