Online Slots Featuring Amazon Warriors

The Amazons are a race of fierce female warriors that appears frequently in Greek mythology. But probably because of the association with the river, the Amazons in legend are also located in the rain forests of South America. This article reviews two online slot games based on the theme of Amazons.

The first Amazon themed video slot is Secrets of the Amazon from Playtech, which is live at online casinos like Casino Tropez. The wild symbol is the female Amazon warrior. It doubles payouts when substituting in winning combinations. It also awards line payouts on its own. The five-of-a-kind payout for this symbol is 50,000 times the line bet and this indicates a very high variance. The other symbols that award line payouts are the creatures from the Amazon jungles and include panther, cheetah, toucan, parakeet, snake, gecko and frog. The exotic moonflower is the scatter symbol. In the base game the top scatter payout is an unprecedented 2,000 times the total bet. Three or more scattered moonflower symbols trigger the free spins bonus feature. You have to pick one of the flowers on the second screen to be initially awarded between 5 and 20 free spins. The free spins can be retriggered. Each free spin raises the multiplier 1x. In the end you can win up to 50 free spins with a multiplier up to 50x.

Fortunes of the Amazons is a video slot from Cryptologic and is live at InterCasino. It has more to do with the Amazon warriors. The setting is a vast plain, more akin to ancient Greece terrain than the Amazon forests. The highest paying symbol is the Fortunes of the Amazons logo. This is followed three female warriors with ferocious win animations, three gemstones set in gold, the famed bow and arrows and breastplate. The payouts are on the lower side indicating low variance with frequent but small wins. The Wild logo in flames is the wild symbol. Three Amazon on horse symbols trigger the free spins feature, for which a different reel set is used. The number of free spins is determined the number of symbols in the triggering spin. The wild symbol becomes sticky during the free spins and remains fixed on the reels for the remainder of the feature. The free spins cannot be retriggered. The Amazon’s Fire feature is randomly triggered and has the warriors ride across …

Do You Know When to Let It Ride

There are many different categories of games available in the online casino world. Casino poker games are one of those types, and Let It Ride is known for being one of the more interesting games in that particular group. There are two major decisions you have to make in this game, and messing up on either of them can drastically decrease your chances of winning. We want to show you the right way to play this game deciding when you should let it ride (actually make the bet) and which you should pull back.

Let’s start with the second decision when you have four cards. These are the easiest situations to handle. If you have any made hand that’s a pair of tens or better, then you will always keep your bet out there. Any flush draw (four cards to a flush) will also be good to go. Any open-ended straight draw will also be fine to let it ride. However, be warned that if you don’t have at least one card in your hand that’s ten or higher than your bet will be break even instead of being profitable. With any high cards of ten or higher, it’s profitable in and of itself.

When you take a step back and look at situations with just three cards, then you have to be more careful because there are fewer situations where you should let it ride. If you have a hand that’s already a pair of tens or better, then you should obviously keep the bet out there. However, any three to a royal flush is also a good hand to play with. If you have three consecutive suited cards that are all three or higher, then that will also work.

For every gap in a three-card, straight-flush draw, you’ll need one high card of ten or better to justify playing it. So if you have T97 of spades, that plays because your ten makes up for the gap. JT7 is also good since there are two gaps with two high cards. However, T86 would not work since there’s only one high card with two gaps, and neither would J87 for the same reasons.…

New Jersey Online Gambling Bill

On February 26 2013 New Jersey Governor Chris Christie signed an online gambling bill passed both houses of the legislature, there converting it into law. The pathway was a long and tortuous one and this article outlines what can only be called The New Jersey Online Gambling Bill Saga.

The origin of this online gambling saga in New Jersey can be traced to January 2010 when Democrat Senator Ray Lesniak introduced a bill that would Atlantic City casinos to offer online versions of their games, such as poker, blackjack and baccarat, in New Jersey and outside the United States. In June 2010 the bill was passed the State Senate Wagering, Tourism & Historic Preservation Committee. Almost immediately differences began to be aired in the public domain. The Casino Association of New Jersey opposed state regulation of online gambling and wanted it at the federal level. The racetracks wanted to be allowed to offer slot machines at their venues. There were conflicting legislative bills in the state Senate and Assembly. Senator Lesniak stated that all sectors of the gambling industry were in trouble and were trying to gain advantage at the expense of others. However, he agreed to hold his bill till all issues had been discussed and some consensus obtained.

Thereafter the bill cleared the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee in November 2010. The bill was expected to be passed the full Senate the end of the year. Senator Lesniak pointed out that revenues and jobs were going to offshore international gaming operators. Legalized and regulated online gambling in New Jersey would divert those revenues and jobs to the state. In January 2011 the bill was also cleared the New Jersey Assembly. The bill was sent to Governor Christie for signature and New Jersey was set to become the first American jurisdiction to legalize online gambling. But in March 2011 Christie vetoed the bill. He praised the intent of the bill but said that there were lacunas in the bill. He said that locating the servers of the online gambling operators in Atlantic City casinos did not meet the New Jersey constitutional requirement that casino gambling has to be restricted to Atlantic City. He objected to the possibility of commercial establishments outside Atlantic City offering online gambling. Senator Lesniak responded stating that he would work with the Governor’s office to get online gambling running …

Online Casino Tournaments

Participating in tournaments is one of the more popular activities in online casinos. It is the only form of online casino activity in which players are pitted against each other, thus fostering not only competition but also camaraderie. There are other attractions of online casino tournaments. Many of the tournaments are freerolls, which implies that is there is no buy-in. Though these offer small prizes they enable players to start a bankroll without investing their own funds. On the other hand there are promotional tournaments that have exotic cruises and other bumper prizes.

Online casino tournaments differ from online casino games in some major respects. In casino games the player is pitted against the house whereas in tournaments the players compete against each other. In games the objective is to end with more credits than the player started with. In tournaments the objective is to end with more credits than the other players, no matter if it is less than the starting credit. Each player starts the tournament with the same number of credits, plays the same casino game for the same period of time. At the end of the expired time the players’ closing credits are compared. Usually the designated numbers of the players with the highest closing credits share the money prize in a manner announced earlier.

Though the basic structure of tournaments is as described above there are many types of tournaments. Sit and go tournaments specify the minimum number of participating players. Players keep on registering for the tournament and as soon as the minimum number is reached the tournament starts. As against these are the scheduled tournaments. The starting times of these tournaments are announced well in advance and players are allowed to register till the starting time. The tournament commences at the starting time with the number of participants registered. Some online casinos provide for private tournaments. A player hosts these for family and friends. Such tournaments are not open to the other members of the casino. The promoter decides the parameters of the tournament.

Some of the online software providers who incorporate tournaments in their online casinos are Microgaming, Vegas Technology and Cryptologic. Microgaming offers tournaments only in slots games. Their tournaments featuring the slots Tomb Raider and Thunderstruck are extremely popular. The guaranteed prize pools vary from $50 to $200,000 and the buy-ins from free to $100. Cryptologic offers much fewer online …